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  1. Was also accepted off the waitlist today from the 9/28 interview. Very surprised + excited!
  2. I was wondering that too… There hasn’t been much activity on here nor from the school in a while, especially for those who interviewed back in August. I was also curious about the calendar, I found some from years past on the internet, but nothing current. The program’s curriculum is on their website. I think starting a Facebook group would be a great idea, there is not one yet that I am aware. Would be cool to start talking with everyone and begin thinking about housing / general plans and (what feels like) our quickly approaching start date!
  3. CASPA verified on 6/13 and I just received an interview today for 9/30. I will be declining the offer due to current acceptances and upcoming interviews. Best of luck to everyone still in the application process - you got this!
  4. Yes - I did end up putting a deposit down
  5. Just received an email offering an interview for September 28th! Finally
  6. Also received a phone call today from the director regarding an acceptance, I interviewed 8/9. I think it was the best / most exciting call I have ever gotten !
  7. I submitted my CASPA application 6/10 and was verified 6/13
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