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  1. I also got the email that I am on the alternate list! Hoping for the best! I wonder if they would tell us our rank? Best of luck to everyone !
  2. Does anyone know if the office is closed today?
  3. Did they happen to say how many interviews they gave out?
  4. yes it is the same log in but it will show the OKC program separately
  5. From Jami- The faculty had a meeting yesterday from 1-until close and were unable to make all the calls. They are going to try to make some more today but if they do not get to everyone, the portal will update at midnight regardless.
  6. Did anyone else hear that they would be making calls all week? At the interview it seemed like they were going to make them all today.
  7. Has anyone been accepted that interviewed with Dr. Halliday or Dr. Miller?
  8. I just got an email to interview today so there’s still hope!
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