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  1. Just received a phone call from EVMS apologizing for the glitch. They said the site is under maintenance. Definitely was nice seeing!
  2. So I just checked my personalized URL and it's saying "Congratulations on your acceptance to the program, Alexandra!". Obviously this is a glitch since I haven't even been invited to interview and those won't be going out until June. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this.
  3. I think it's fantastic that EVMS wants to evaluate applicants on their ethics and judgment to create a more wholistic application process. I just wished it wasn't a timed test so I could convey my ideas clearer. It almost felt like more of a typing test than anything else.
  4. I don't have an answer for you, but I've been wondering the exact same thing! My best guess is that the 100 words or less one should go into more detail and the other one should be summed up in 2 sentences. Hopefully someone else has a better answer.
  5. I’ve recently been offered a position as a dialysis tech in an outpatient center. I shadowed the other day and the staff seamed friendly. My main duties would be weighing patients, cannulating them and setting up the machines, drawing labs, and monitoring their vitals throughout treatment. This all would be under the supervisions of an RN. I would work 8 and 10 hour shifts. I was hoping someone who has worked as a dialysis tech or knows someone who has could give me feedback about their experiences. I do already have 2 years experience volunteering as an EMT-A on a fairly busy service and plan on continuing to do so. I have also been invited to interview for a medical assistant position at an urgent care, but the interview is after the deadline to decide if I’m going to accept the dialysis position. The pros I see in working as a dialysis tech: Getting to know my patients and their cases. Experience in the chronic disease side of medicine. Cons: It’s could be repetitive work and I would really only learn about kidney disease.
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