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  1. What are my chances of at least getting an interview Applied mid july-because i was waiting for my grades sgpa-3.2 cgpa-3.17 last 30/60/90 credit- almost 4.0 PCE hours Mother/baby= patient care associate -3200 general medicine-patient care associate- 1000 direct service provider-1000 total other floating around hospital- patient care associate : 200 leadership/volunteer transfer student mentor--1 year cofounded nonprofit organization for homeless youth soup kitchen -100 hours tutor- 1 year for 8 hours a week HCE-300 Sha
  2. Cgpa 3.3 sgpa 3.19 should I wait till my science classes in two week end and I get the grade to raise it to a 3.2 or should I submit now?
  3. Currently I have a 3.3 cgpa and 3.19 sgpa. Should I wait till my summer grades come in 2 weeks or apply now?
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