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  1. Paforumuser

    WMU Application Cycle 2018-2019

    My first personal statement was the same way. My statement this time around contained very specific stories with lots of details. It made my statement much more powerful and passionate. Volunteer wise I went on medical mission trips. I did fundraising by doing things such as making/ selling Christmas ornaments (that covered about $800!) I had about 100 hours. If you have any other questions please let me know
  2. Paforumuser

    WMU Application Cycle 2018-2019

    Hi it sounds like you and I are fairly similar for what qualifies us! I got in this year. I did apply last year and didn’t get an interview. Make sure you have good volunteer work and update your personal statement. It doesn’t matter what your experience is, if they don’t see a passion from your actions, statement and supplemental essay they could very well lose interest. Pretty much all I did was change my personal statement since last year and I got interviews to almost all the schools that I applied to. (Last year I got no interviews) Just trying to help
  3. Paforumuser

    WMU Application Cycle 2018-2019

    Hi! I have been an RT since 2013 and also had about a 3.5. They definitely take the experience into account and it was a great talking point during the interview. Good luck on the application process!
  4. Paforumuser

    WMU Application Cycle 2018-2019

    I was just accepted as well! I also interviewed on 11/2
  5. Paforumuser

    WMU Application Cycle 2018-2019

    Congrats!!! Do you mind telling us what your stats are so we know more what they are looking for?

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