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  1. If you plan on attending uop send me a message! I’d love to connect with everyone
  2. I received an interview but will most likely decline due to getting accepted somewhere else. Hopefully that opens a space for someone else! Good luck everyone!
  3. Not yet. They said they’re calling first and then will send an email sometime soon
  4. Just got my acceptance call!!!! So excited to meet all of you!
  5. I’m not sure yet! Maybe we’ll hear back during the next round of interviews??
  6. Sorry to hear that if you don’t mind me asking, did you interview?
  7. I submitted my app in May and secondary in June and still haven’t heard anything!
  8. I submitted 5/31 and haven’t received a confirmation yet. Has this happened to anyone else? Not sure if I should email them or wait it out a little bit longer.
  9. That was the way I took it but didn’t wanna get my hopes up! I haven’t heard anyone getting rejected after the interview though so I’m not sure.
  10. Got waitlisted for an interview! The email says it’s a positive, but looking back at previous threads it doesn’t look like anyone ended up receiving an interview invite
  11. For those who got interview invites, did you get a supplemental invite first?
  12. Did you guys receive invite via phone call or email?
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