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  1. Hello, i searched this forum and haven’t found anything really recent at the moment. Background; Military for 7 years. 2 combat tours as infantry / medic. Honorable discharge and went to PA school at 27 years old. Packrat score; 141 Rosh review; mid 60s with project 590 5 day CME review projected 595 I failed the once by 9 points and 5 points. I’ve done PANCE prep pearls, Lange q and a, 5 day CME course and Rosh Review. I was a B student, no more and no less. I just don’t get why I do so well on all my practice and then fail the PANCE. I’m assuming test anxiety. What have people done to help with this? I took my scheduled breaks. There was no difference in percent right across the board. When I read PPP or Rosh I know the answers. I just feel like when I take the PANCE I’m lost. I did the known known and known unknowns after I failed the first one. I don’t rush through the test, I read each question carefully, and had only 6 min to spare. Many advice would be helpfully. I lost my ICU offer, max out my credit cards, and have no money. Thanks
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