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  1. HopeToBePAC

    Best Gap Year PCE

    I would continue to look for phlebotomy jobs elsewhere...since you already are certified in that. If you still aren't able to obtain a job after a few months, then you want to look at the specific schools your interested in and gauge which PCE job would be better suited for them/accepted by them. EMT and techs are both great high-quality PCE jobs then almost all PA schools will accept. Scribing, on the other hand, is only accepted by a select number of schools. So, if most of the schools you are targeting ARE scribe friendly, then becoming a scribe would be easier than an EMT or ED tech.
  2. Definitely increase volunteering, shadowing, and GRE studying over taking an extra recommended class. The former 3 aspects of your application will have a much greater impact than taking an extra course that is not required. Even though volunteering, shadowing, and taking the GRE aren't technically "required' either, it's something almost every applicant has, and the more the better. Aim for a 300+ on your GRE. And, I highly suggest shadowing a PA, not just for your application, but you can see their day to day life, and what you're putting yourself into as well.
  3. IMO, I would just wait it out. There's many schools that are still accepting students this time of year, and will probably continue to do so for the next few months. I'm guessing you would hear back from them no later than March, with the new cycle opening in April. Then, if you don't get in to either school, you could start preparing then --and you would have until the end of June/early July to submit your app (if you want to be earlyish), giving you 3-4 months to improve your application in any way you see fit. Hope this made sense!
  4. HopeToBePAC

    Post interview tips

    A thank-you note is not necessary or recommended. It won't increase your chances or anything.
  5. HopeToBePAC

    To defer or not to defer..

    This may sound harsh, but right now, because of your GPA, you very likely will NOT get accepted anywhere, so there's no benefit to applying. Even when your cGPA and sGPA get to 3.06 and 3.01 respectively, that's cutting it super close and the chances of you getting accepted anywhere are still low because of your GPA. 1500 hours would be completely fine for an applicant with an average-good GPA, but in your case, you want over 3000 or so hours so you're able to stand out in the PCE aspect and make-up for your GPA that way. Because of your stats, my advice would be to play it safe, bulk up your resume, and apply next year.
  6. Since the cycle doesn't start until mid-April, I would use these few months (or weeks) to study, take it, and then apply to all programs you want to at once/during the same application year.
  7. I'm a bit confused with your question. By bare minimum if you mean only having taken the required pre-reqs, and not the suggested or recommended pre-reqs, then go ahead and apply! You only need the ones required. Majority of schools don't even require math or Genetics or behavioral classes, and if you don't have them, don't apply to those schools. The one thing I would say is still take the GRE. It'll open up so many more schools for you to apply to. I personally don't even know any schools that don't want the GRE but I guess there's some out there.
  8. HopeToBePAC

    Emory vs Duke

    So I'm not too familiar with the schools but I'll still give my opinion after doing a quick search. When stuck between two schools you want to look at their PANCE pass rates and their tuition costs. It seems like their pass rates and tuition are both pretty similar, with Emory being a bit cheaper. You may also want to consider location, their rotation sites, and the length of their program. Duke is #1 and Emory is #3 for the best PA schools, so they're BOTH great programs, clearly. If you were to ask me, I would go with Emory because that way you would be able to live with your husband, have his support system, and he would be able to have more options for jobs, and you would still be able to attend a great school.
  9. HopeToBePAC

    Advice on how to stand out

    FYI - you can use your 6000 X-Ray Tech hours even though they are not current. Like Caligal said, PCE hours do not expire, unlike pre-reqs. In terms of standing out, there's a few different ways. Having a stellar GPA (3.7+) or having thousands of hours (5k+) of high quality PCE are two that come to mind. Other things are like scoring perfect on a GRE verbal or quant section, exceptional amount of volunteering, and a unique personal statement can also help. But, it's mainly about the GPA and PCE. It seems like you have lots of PCE and 6000 X-Ray tech + 1000 scribing puts you well over the amount of hours most people have, and well over the average PCE for the accepted PA school applicant which is around 2300 hours if I'm not mistaken. Apply to schools that put emphasis on PCE and make sure your GPA is over 3.0 both science and cumulative.
  10. HopeToBePAC

    What are my chances? Reapplicant for 2019

    Of course! 3.36 isn't bad. I'm not sure how many credits you have total, but I would just choose a super easy class that CASPA would count under your sGPA (nutrition or public health, for example), get an A, and bump yourself to a 3.0 (or higher) You could also re-take classes you did bad in too, but I believe CASPA will count both the old grade and new grade.
  11. HopeToBePAC

    Stats for 2019-20 cycle...Need help!

    If the schools you're applying to will take it, don't re-take! But yeah, taking genetics might be better instead of re-taking chemistry. I heard it's hard but it's super useful.
  12. HopeToBePAC

    What are my chances? Reapplicant for 2019

    You're not meeting the 3.0 minimum science GPA cut-off that almost all PA schools have, which is why you're not hearing back. I know it sucks because you're just almost right there at a 2.99, but admissions are harsh and you're most likely getting filtered out. You're going to wanna take a few science classes, get As, and bring it up over the 3.0 mark. You also only mentioned your non-science GPA and not your cumulative GPA? You have a lot of PCE which is good. You have a chance, just bring your sGPA up.
  13. HopeToBePAC

    Stats for 2019-20 cycle...Need help!

    The biggest issue I probably see is your C in Chem. Make sure all the schools you're applying to will accept that grade; if they're fine with a C or higher in pre-reqs you'll be okay. Your sGPA is just meeting the minimum, though. Otherwise, your app looks solid. Score above average on the GRE, write a very good personal statement, and apply broadly. I think you have a shot for sure!
  14. I would withdraw if you believe you will not be able to pull off a B- or better. One W on a transcript is not a big deal, especially for a class that is not required as a pre-requisite, however, be prepared to talk about it if it does come up. Your sGPA is amazing so I would just save your GPA honestly. Having an A in Biochem also helps your case.
  15. GPA is good, PCE is very low. But, if you're only aiming for the 250 hour schools then you may have a chance. Because even for the 500 hour schools, you'd be right on the minimum. In my opinion, you shouldn't use any cycle as a practice round, do everything you can to be accepted on the first try so you're not wasting time and money. Since CASPA doesn't open until a few months, maybe try to get more PCE before then? You could also seek out schools that accept pharmacy technician as PCE.

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