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  1. I’m just surprised that they didn’t even acknowledge that they received our application. I applied to 20 schools and I received receipt of my app from 19 of 20.
  2. Hey y’all! There’s a Facebook page with about 22 of us so far. Good luck! Can’t wait to meet everyone.
  3. I had to pass on my spot. I know it will go to someone capable--good luck!
  4. Just got accepted off the waitlist for the Omaha campus. Still deciding whether to accept.
  5. Thanks! I got my call in January and accreditation was not mentioned. I am confident they will receive it.
  6. Anybody have anything concrete on accreditation? I keep hearing rumors that Gannon-Ruskin has been approved.
  7. I applied last minute too. We'll see what happens. Would be curious to know how many were in the facebook group currently.
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