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  1. I actually just got called off the waitlist! I have already been accepted to another program this current cycle so I may decline the seat offer.
  2. DMU interviews all the way into February usually. One school I got accepted to only did three interviews in August and September, but another school I interviewed at last cycle were interviewing until the following May! It all depends on the school.
  3. Last year they notified people of they're place on the waitlist in late February or early March. They wait until they have completed all their interviews and filled the class to rank the waitlist.
  4. I will be giving up my seat for University of Charleston, since I just got accepted into my top choice in my home state! Congratulations to whoever gets this seat!:)
  5. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and super informative from the moment you get there. They give you an overview of the program and curriculum, a presentation of student involvement and activities, a tour, lunch with current students and then one interview with two faculty members. It ended with a quick discussion about cost of the program and finances. Overall, a casual and enjoyable interview experience!
  6. I just got the call that I was accepted from my 10/2 interview!!! I was waitlisted last year and was hoping this time would lead to an acceptance. So excited to attend my dream school!
  7. I believe one of the past students said 33 seats
  8. I got placed on the waitlist as well. I already have an acceptance at another school but this program really stood out to me and I was hoping to get the opportunity to decide between these two schools. Oh well, a waitlist isn't a rejection!
  9. Yes I got an email with a link to pay my deposit on the same day I got the call (on Friday).
  10. I was told we had two weeks from the time we got the acceptance call.
  11. I just got the call that I was accepted! So incredibly excited to finally start the next steps of this journey:)
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