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  1. I applied two years ago, got a few waitlists but no interviews. I took a year to make my application stronger and this year I got 5 interviews, a few waitlists and did put down a deposit at a school I liked the best. I’m no expert but the main thing I changed was 1: got more health care hours 2: volunteered more 3: shadowed more than just PAs.
  2. I got the same email this morning. I was on the interview waitlist. “Thank you for your application to the Franklin Pierce University Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program. After a faculty-review of your application, it has been determined that you are not among the pool of applicants invited to progress to the interview phase of the admissions process. While you have shown initiative in preparing your application and pursuing a career as a physician assistant, the application process is highly competitive and we have received hundreds of applications from a broad range of highly qualified applicants.”
  3. Has anyone heard back from the 2/1 or 2/15 interview?
  4. Hi @CaliPA13 thank you it’s a bummer but also okay. I was accepted to another school closer to home, Boston but California would’ve been fun. They did not update the portal but they did say there were 2 more interviews. Good luck on your journey!
  5. Hi Annie! Thanks for your help. I got an interview invite
  6. Hi! I called today. They are having more interviews and sent out declines by mail on Monday. I was unfortunately declined but best of luck to you! They told me my status over the phone, I did not have to wait for the letter in the mail.
  7. hi! have you heard anything from LLU yet? I submitted in August too and it's killing me when other school invites are coming in :/

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    2. effiedoesyoga

      holy crap! i wish you the best of luck then! 🙂

    3. FutureYearningPA

      You too! They should be holding interviews in February too...I hope you get one!

    4. effiedoesyoga

      I was declined this week 😕 thank you though. 

  8. Has anyone heard anything new about the next round of interviews?
  9. Hi everyone, I called this morning to see how the interviews were going... they are possibly interviewing all the way until March. They were a little held up due to the ARC-PA visit. I am still waiting to hear about an interview or a decline and to me this was good news
  10. Hi there! I hope you decided to apply, they are interviewing still!
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