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  1. Has anyone inquired to see if the alternate list has seen any movement?
  2. Has anyone heard anything or been offered a spot off of the alternate list?
  3. I did as well. Anyone have any idea how many people are on the alternate list?
  4. Does anyone know when they made the bulk of their decisions last year?
  5. from the other MWU forum posts, it looks like if your prerequisites are listed, you have been waitlisted. My portal shows my prerequisites too. Not sure if this is the case but we will find out soon I bet!
  6. Hey all! The interview is traditional? No MMI?
  7. Does anyone know how many seats have been filled?
  8. Hey y'all! Congrats on being offered interviews! Just wondering how long ago you received the email that you were eligible for interview? I just received that last week so I'm wondering how long since you received that email to now receiving your interview invite. Thank you and best of luck!
  9. I was placed on hold in July and have not received an invite to interview.
  10. How did it go for everyone that interviewed yesterday? What was your experience like?
  11. In the past they have been MMI format. I attended a virtual info session in June and they had mentioned that they were unsure of the format for the virtual interviews.
  12. I applied/was verified July 31st and still haven't received confirmation form Rush
  13. I was offered an interview early Sunday morning as well! Looking forward to meeting you on Oct 12! :))
  14. Has anyone else received interview invites recently?
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