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  1. Coming in late to this- is anyone interviewing 1/16?
  2. Just got accepted into glenside, interview was 8/6! does anyone know if there's fb group?
  3. Hey congrats! I have an interview as well for glenside on 8/6. Any tips for the interview? anything would be helpful Thank you
  4. I'm thinking that's a really good thing for us. Are you guys all in-state?
  5. Great to hear back from other people! I am not sure why they're interviewing so late.. I hope that the class isn't filled yet though How are you guys preparing for the interview? seems like it's an MMI style.
  6. Hi guys, I just got an interview invite for 4/12. Anyone else? Also- I read this thread and took in some interview advice! Anymore advice/tips that people have to offer to prepare for the interview, I would appreciate it very much.
  7. “The Admissions Committee is still in the review process. Your application status will be emailed during the first week of April. We thank you for your patience and for choosing The CUNY School of Medicine” has as anyone gotten this email? Does this mean that I probably didn’t get an interview invite? Seems like people who might get an invite are getting different kind of emails...
  8. Hi guys, Does everyone have volunteering hours? If so, what's the best way to get them?
  9. Hey It would be great if you're willing to share your personal statement. If not that's totally fine too! But if you do, please let me know. It would be a great help ?
  10. Is anyone willing to share any tips? I have been getting rejections left and right.. it's really discouraging.. any tips on resume/ways to improve would be very helpful!
  11. Do you know the email where we can RSVP of ran open house?
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