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  1. Same, 10/17. Kandee said their alternate list is usually pretty small around 20 people so hopefully the odds are with us!
  2. Hi I’m also interviewing on the 17th afternoon session! No idea how many people they interview though. I believe they have 60 seats.
  3. I believe classes start next week Monday and you could be called up to the night before.
  4. Hey so I guess I’d be on the lower end my cGPA was 3.39 and my sGPA was 3.12. 2300 PCE hours of scribing, 1300 HCE, 600 PA shadowing, and 200 volunteering. I also have my CNA license and BLS. My GRE was 156 Verbal and 150 quantitative. I also have some research experience, I’m a scribe trainer, and was in a leadership position in my sorority. I think that’s about it lol.
  5. Guys check your emails! I just got an interview invite!!
  6. Hello! Yes they are indeed rolling admissions and they have 60 seats for the upcoming program to my knowledge.
  7. @PA2BEE101 and @odesss you guys already took the CASPer right? I’m assuming they don’t offer the interview without it.
  8. If it makes you feel better I did my supplemental on 6/18 and never heard any sort of confirmation from Ft. Myers. I received an email from Jax and Orlando and a phone call from Ft. Lauderdale with confirmation. @Patricia5827
  9. I got an email the day after I submitted my supplemental saying it was received and under review.
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