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  1. Hi I’m also interviewing on the 17th afternoon session! No idea how many people they interview though. I believe they have 60 seats.
  2. I believe classes start next week Monday and you could be called up to the night before.
  3. Hey so I guess I’d be on the lower end my cGPA was 3.39 and my sGPA was 3.12. 2300 PCE hours of scribing, 1300 HCE, 600 PA shadowing, and 200 volunteering. I also have my CNA license and BLS. My GRE was 156 Verbal and 150 quantitative. I also have some research experience, I’m a scribe trainer, and was in a leadership position in my sorority. I think that’s about it lol.
  4. Guys check your emails! I just got an interview invite!!
  5. Hello! Yes they are indeed rolling admissions and they have 60 seats for the upcoming program to my knowledge.
  6. @PA2BEE101 and @odesss you guys already took the CASPer right? I’m assuming they don’t offer the interview without it.
  7. If it makes you feel better I did my supplemental on 6/18 and never heard any sort of confirmation from Ft. Myers. I received an email from Jax and Orlando and a phone call from Ft. Lauderdale with confirmation. @Patricia5827
  8. I got an email the day after I submitted my supplemental saying it was received and under review.
  9. They won’t send it to you, it’s located on their website.
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