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  1. I went to their open house the other day and they said theyd be lenient with the Biochem prereq this year since it was added last minute. So for this year they’ll let it slide as long as you have Orgo 2. However, next cycle it will be a hard requirement.
  2. Yeah my verbal was 156. But my science GPA is 3.12. I was a psych major doing only the prereqs and ended up failing Orgo which really dropped my science GPA. I submitted my app already but I guess if my science gpa is too low oh well lol. Thanks for your input!
  3. No just last year a friend said she called them last cycle and they told her that they didn’t offer interviews to people below a science 3.4 as for my GRE my math is 150 but was in the 38th percentile. So I’m concerned lol
  4. @JD2012 any truth to the requirements of a 3.4 science GPA and 40th percentile GRE and above?
  5. Wow I also interviewed in March. Did you ever contact them to update them on your progress or you just waited?
  6. Hi! Wondering if anyone is concerned with their probation status? I know their next accreditation visit is supposed to be September 2020. I'm just concerned about potentially attending the school and then they lose their accreditation status.
  7. That’s weird cause I applied October 25th but got called for my interview at the end of February
  8. Does anyone have any information about the waitlist? Like the size of the waitlist etc?
  9. Got invited to interview today! Chose the March 15th interview date. I applied around 10/18 and got the application under review email 2 days ago.
  10. I got the email last week stating that by February 22nd applicants will be notified of their eligibility for an interview, if that’s the mass email you’re referring to?
  11. Hey to everyone with upcoming interviews can you guys say when you submitted your application and when you were called to interview? Just trying to get a sense of what month of apps they’re currently reviewing!
  12. I took Biochem in a community college where it was only offered as an intro to biochem class and some schools who required Biochem as a prereq did not accept it from there (FSU) while another school didn't mind (NOVA) so definitely individually contact the schools since they tend to be very different.
  13. Maybe! I live 45 minutes from the Miami campus so I didn't even think to consider applying to St. Pete's instead
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