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  1. Hey guys! I gave up my seat today since I got in to my first choice. Good luck to all on the waitlist!!
  2. Also received my conditional acceptance from the 3/26 interview!!
  3. Oh mine is at 3:30! Perfect then it should be over a bit earlier than 4:30. Thank you!
  4. For anyone who’s already done the zoom interview, did it end on time or run a little late? I picked 1-4:30 and I work at 5pm
  5. My GRE was 150 in quantitative and 156 in verbal. However, I definitely think they review holistically.
  6. Hey guys I got invited to interview! I chose April 2nd the afternoon session
  7. Yes very easy going! You can tell they’re trying to get to know you with a relaxed atmosphere.
  8. Hello guys I was taken off the waitlist today! However, I was recently accepted to another program closer to home which I will be attending instead. Hope this helps anyone else on the waitlist still waiting to hear back!
  9. No don’t worry about that. They’ll give you a folder with the PowerPoint they will be doing and the rest of the information.
  10. I have decided to not attend my interview Friday since I was accepted to a school closer to home! Good luck everybody!
  11. Last year they sent out phase 2 interview invites at the end of February
  12. Hi guys just got an interview invite also for the Miami campus and chose the 7th of February! I applied back in May!
  13. Thanks! Sure, my cGPA is 3.39 and sGPA is 3.12. I have over 2k ER scribing hours and 600 ER tech hours. GRE 306. Shadowing an ER PA also about 600ish hours.
  14. I got an interview invite for February 21st! I picked the afternoon session, anyone else?
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