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  1. Manhattan campus -- yes, you are right. And they do refer to a holistic admissions process. I'll keep an eye out for that possibility, but in the meantime, just going to work a lot harder in anticipation of next cycle!
  2. Yes, I would say it is unethical. I'm grateful to this forum and your post because I would've otherwise not known about this tiering system. I struggled in undergrad and came out with a low GPA. This was years ago. Now it's all coming back to haunt me because, despite my 3.92 post-baccalaureate at 3.9 science GPA, my undergraduate transcript and CASPA's not superseding repeat courses bring those numbers down to 3.10 overall and 3.40 science. It's simply impractical to even keep my app in the ether, so I'm going to withdraw and not reapply next year. It's a shame; I would've liked very much to have had a shot at Western. Best of luck to the incoming class, and to those who are still awaiting correspondence from Admissions.
  3. Undergraduate: University of California, 2015, Psychology (3.10 GPA) Post-Baccalaureate: Arizona State University, 2019, Biological Sciences (3.92 GPA) Cumulative GPA (per CASPA), 3.10 Overall Science (per CASPA), 3.40 BCP Science (per CASPA), 3.70 Healthcare Hours: 3000+, Medical Biller, Back Office Administrative Assistant PCE Hours: 1120, Certified Phlebotomist / Laboratory Assistant Volunteer Hours: 100, Medical Examiner Autopsy Suite Shadow Hours: 52 (40 w/ PA-Cs, 12 w/ DO) GRE: 301, 5W LOR: 1 MD, 1 PA-C, 1 NMD, and 1 PhD Applied in July 2019: (West to East) Western, Marshall B. Ketchum, A.T. Still Central Coast, Midwestern, Hardin-Simmons, U. of Nebraska, Ohio Dominican, Long Island, CUNY, Franklin Pierce, Thomas Jefferson, Barry, Gannon Rejected: Franklin Pierce, Thomas Jefferson, U. of Nebraska, Marshall B. Ketchum Interview Waitlist: Midwestern No interviews or productive correspondences as of yet. I am, as you might guess, not feeling too good about this cycle. I'm in a bit of a slump because I can't change the shortcomings of my undergraduate days. I'm a much stronger student now, but with all my post-bacc debts, I am simply focusing on accruing more healthcare experience at this point, in hopes of having better-looking hour counts for next cycle. Wishing everybody success with this cycle.
  4. To all of you above -- thank you for your encouragement! I will continue with what I'm doing, seek out more volunteer work as soon as this current semester is over, and take care to note which schools put more emphasis on the average hours. Thanks again and good luck to all of you.
  5. Hey there folks, I want to apply for PA school for the 2019 cycle, but I've been mulling over how viable my credentials will be by the time apps open up. I'd like to share them with you and get some feedback -- any and all input would be much appreciated. I'm currently 26 years old. I got my bachelor's in psychology in 2015, worked in forensic psych, developed a passion for medicine during this time. From 2016-2017, I worked as a medical receptionist at a pain management office. Made some connections, learned more about the PA profession. 2017-2019 (est), I have been taking pre-PA coursework in a 4-year college. This year I also went to technical school as a phlebotomist, got certified, and have been practicing in healthcare. My non-science GPA is a 3.2; my science GPA is a 3.9. I will have all but one required class on my transcript by the time I apply. I will also have taken the GRE by then. Here is where I noticeably lack: I likely do not have as much healthcare experience as the average applicant. I have 12 shadowing hours with an osteopathic doc, which I know won't do. I will have accrued PA shadowing hours by April, but likely no more than 30. I do not have volunteer hours per se. I have done unpaid work in the medical field, but that was to advance my education -- it was not explicitly volunteer service. Do you think these credentials render me a competitive applicant for PA school? I know many schools have variable requirements, and I will likely be applying to as many as I can on the West Coast. Should I attempt this coming cycle and fail, I know that the 2020 cycle will afford much more time to strengthen my currently weak areas. However, if my present standing can afford me a shot, I'll take it! Thank you for reading, and good luck with your endeavors.
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