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  1. What did people use for their 2x2 passport photo? Did you actually go to CVS to get your photo taken or did you just take one and make it 2x2?
  2. For any current students- what do you like most about the program? I am interviewing soon and am excited to learn more about the program! If anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated
  3. What kind of letters are people using to verify things like shadowing and volunteer hours? The application instructions were pretty vague
  4. I applied early July and have not heard anything yet
  5. Hi! Do you know if Mercy has rolling admission?
  6. Wow this is going to take me some time to finish. Thank you for the update!
  7. I am wondering about this as well. Does anyone know if this required for each experience?
  8. Is anyone else having trouble typing in some of the fields? I am not sure if it is just my computer. I tried another browser too, but was not able to insert any information. Thanks in advance !
  9. Hi all! Thought I would start a thread for this years cycle.
  10. Just received the same e-mail! I submitted mid July. Good luck to everyone!
  11. For prerequisites, did anyone put 2 upper level chemistry courses on the CASPA? I received a higher grade in an upper level chem course than I did in general chemistry I and would rather put that. Any input would be great!
  12. Does anyone know if the admissions department will review your application with you if you were placed on the alt list? Thanks in advance!
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