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  1. In case anyone is wondering where they are at on the waitlist, I'm #2 as of today and started at #7. Theres been movement!
  2. I imagine it’s a little different for those that weren’t given a number. But if you were given a number and you wanna check to see if it’s changed they stated during the interview that we’re welcome to email to find out about any movement in the list. Im sure if they haven’t given you a number yet they’ll update you when they do
  3. Has anyone heard anything or had any changes in their waitlist status? I went from #7 to #5 about 2 weeks ago but I don’t wanna bother Poppy. Lol
  4. I got the email around 4pm yesterday that I have also been waitlisted! Alternate #7.
  5. I was verified end of May and interviewed 9/28, but have not heard back from it.
  6. So happy for everyone! I interviewed with Mr. Dehn on 9/28 as well. I wonder if he is done making calls.
  7. Wow that’s amazing you heard back already, congratulations!! who called you if you don’t mind me asking?
  8. In their last email they said interviews are in November, so they will begin sending out invites mid October. Im thinking itll be a couple more weeks.
  9. it was great meeting some of you guys today! Good luck
  10. I got placed on the alternate list. Good luck to everyone !
  11. Does anyone know if they’re still gonna make more calls today?
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