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  1. For the night before, how about Sebi's Bistro at 7:00? It is just down the street from where we will be interviewing across the University Bridge. They have really good Eastern European food and are never too loud or crowded so we can actually hear each other talk :) Here is the link to their website: http://sebisbistro.com/ If anyone has any other ideas or if we need to adjust the time just say something and we can work it out ;) And if anyone else wants to meet up sooner, I am free on Friday the 16th day and night and can make plans for that too. Best, Ariel
  2. Awesome! If you are okay with it I would love to meet up in the next week or so and then also the night before so we could include the people from out of town. Does that sound alright to you? I am going to be out of town from the 19th to the morning of the 27th so that is why I am looking into 2 dates. If anyone else is interested, please join us!
  3. Hi there! I got an invited to interview on Nov. 29th too! And I saw a couple other people did as well. Congrats everyone! I just started another thread for that date. Maybe we could schedule a meetup?
  4. Hello all! I didn't see another thread for this interview date and wanted to see if I had any interview companions on this forum. I would love to meet up the night before if anyone else in interested! Looking forward to connecting with you guys!

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