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  1. Hi there! I believe that there were 2 sets of interviews in January so they may be taking a little longer to get back.
  2. Are you on the Facebook page? If so you should look me up (Sarah Black).
  3. Got my acceptance this morning! I’m beyond excited. Going to start looking for housing soon if any girls would be interested in a roommate!
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions for preparing for the interview?
  5. I will be there! Also I have a room with an extra bed if anyone would like to split the cost!
  6. She said she would think about it so I am going to give her the week and then go talk to her in her office on Monday! I accepted the interview and then found out that she may not let me retake the exam. So I dont want this to look bad to the admissions committee or potentially lose a spot if I have a chance!
  7. For those that are interviewing on Dec. 7th, does it fall during your finals? Im supposed to have a final exam that day and my professor may not let me make it up. She said it was not an excused absence and inconvenient for her. Any advice?
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