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  1. Any thoughts about the recent (surprising) USNWR ranking dip? DU dropped pretty dramatically from #27 to #93. Are there other rankings out there or is USNWR the only one?
  2. Thanks again for all of your help. It's really great to connect with a parent who has students in the program. Do you know the retention rate for the program? Do most students who start out, complete the program? Have your daughters felt supported academically? In general, have they enjoyed their college experience at Duquesne? It's been so helpful to connect with you!
  3. Hi again jjwasco, My son visited the programs he was admitted to and fell in love with Duquesne. The people seemed very nice and Pittsburgh is great. Since you have two daughters there and are so happy with the program, I was hoping you might answer a few more questions. 1) Would you say most students are happy with their experience in the program and with their clinical placements, faculty, etc... 2) Do you have any concerns about the current administrative probation? 3) There is mention on the website about some type interview before entering the professional phase. Do you know much about that? I was under the impression that as long as the GPA requirement is met, a student progresses through the program. Any insight with that would be much appreciated. Thank you again for all of you great help and insight.
  4. Hi MT2PA - I appreciate your input. In fact, my son has done a lot of research - I was just trying to gather a little more information to pass on to him. And, of course, he will be the one to ultimately choose the program that best meets what he is looking for. I/we are well aware of the college visit process (this is my 6th kid attending college) - and he has visited/toured many colleges, but due to finances can not fly across the country to see all the schools to which he is applying, but of course, would not accept a spot in a program he doesn't visit. So after admission decisions come in, he will visit only the programs he is admitted to. He has toured/visited schools on the West coast to which he has applied but where there is no direct entry PA program, but where he would consider attending college (and then apply to PA school later) - he is casting the net wide and seeing where he lands. Again, appreciate the time you took to respond to my post.
  5. Thank you so much jjwasco for your input. It's much appreciated. What a proud mom you must be! Yes, we are aware about Duquesne being on probation, however, it seems as if they are rectifying the problem and that historically they have had a solid program. Sounds like both of your daughters have had good experiences at Duquesne. How rigorous do they feel it is? Would a non-Catholic student feel comfortable? Do you happen to know what the freshman retention rate is for Duquesne? Do you happen to know anything about DeSales or Kings? I believe they are both in the middle of nowhere - but can't eliminate them totally for that reason. Again, thanks so much for your input.
  6. My Son has applied to 5 direct entry PA programs. Being from the West Coast and not being familiar with the school or programs, I'm wondering if anyone out there can help understand more about the programs/environment at each program. One can only tell so much from the program's websites. The programs he applied to are DeSales, Saint Francis, Quinnipiac, Duquesne, and Kings. What are your thoughts on the quality of all of these programs and the atmosphere of the colleges in general. Not only is the quality of the program important, but being 3,000 miles away from home, I want him to be in a good college atmosphere where he is happy as well. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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