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  1. Just got invited to interview November 6th.
  2. Got a rejection email today too. Good luck everyone!
  3. Thank you! I received an email that all my material was received on 5/18.
  4. I got an interview with these stats- undergrad: University of Central Florida, BS in Health Sciences Pre- clinical cGPA: 3.39 sGPA: 3.22 GRE: 147 V and 152 Q writing: 4 PCE: 7700 hours as CNA/ Patient care tech. Volunteer: 650 hours. Shadowing: 125 hours. LOR from surgical PA, neurosurgeon, Nurse educator, and ARNP. Age: 23 2nd time applicant
  5. Does anyone know the contact information for this program?
  6. Does anyone know the email to contact this program?
  7. Is this program still doing interviews? I still have not heard anything regarding a decline either. Does anyone know the email to contact this program?
  8. Let me know if you do, I applied in August and have heard nothing.
  9. I'm wondering the same thing and applied the same time as you. I've heard nothing since.
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