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  1. Has anyone from the 12/12 interview receive and email from case after interview!
  2. Do you know if they have sent out invitations for any further interviews yet? Thank you very much for this info!
  3. Do you think they would do the two interview sessions sometime in November or one December? I'm just wondering how long I should be hopeful of getting an interview invitation
  4. Hi, so they might extend more interviews but are going to look at the people they already interviewed first?
  5. Has anyone received an interview invitation for November?
  6. I called yesterday but the graduate program person I talked too didn't really seem like she knew what was going on
  7. I called them and they said they haven't sent out interviews yet and they don't know when they are
  8. Does anyone know if they are sending out interview invites soon?
  9. Nope. Still waiting to hear back from them. I believe they have done 2 interviews in September so far
  10. Just had the 10/4 interview! If anyone hears anything from that date let me know!
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