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  1. Anyone know if there still sending out for people to fill out the supplemental app?
  2. Congrats! When did you receive your interview invitation?
  3. Did you receive the invitation today?
  4. Anyone else still and haven't heard back yet? I feel like they would not send out anymore invitations until after the September interviews, what does everyone else think?
  5. Still waiting to hear back after receiving email that they got my application also
  6. Hello, I was wondering when you received the invitation? thank you
  7. Do you guys think they sent out the interview invitations for 9/12 all on the same day? Just feeling really anxious even though i know i have a lot more waiting to do
  8. Also received the same email today
  9. received email that they received my application on 7/22 and submitted the sup app tonight
  10. Submitted verified app on 7/18 received confirmation email on 7/19 and waiting to hear back for more info
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