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  1. Hello, was anyone offered an interview in the month of November yet?
  2. Just got an email from case that they received my application and I should be hearing from them shortly. I applied about two months ago but i'm glad I finally heard something from them.
  3. I submitted mine a couple of weeks ago and haven’t heard anything, let me know if they reach out to you
  4. How long did it take for people to receive confirmation that Case received your application?
  5. I emailed case about GRE scores and Julie emailed me back stating to not send them in because they wouldn't even look at them.
  6. I am reapplying to about all of the same PA schools i applied to last year and on CASPA it still shows that the schools have received the test scores. Do i have to resend my GRE scores because i am reapplying and submitting a new application?
  7. Hello! Starting this thread for people applying to Case this cycle. If anyone hears anything post in this thread.
  8. Has anyone from the 12/12 interview receive and email from case after interview!
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