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  1. Undergrad School: Capital University Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.96 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.94 Age at application time: 20 GRE: (2018) V- 148 (41%) Q- 149 (32%) W- 4.5 Healthcare experience: Oncology/Hospice PCA - 550 hours Shadowing: 45 hours - Family Medicine PA, 45 hours Orthopedic Surgery PA Awards: President's List (5 semesters) LOR: 2 from PAs and 1 from my anatomy professor Schools Applied: Alderson Broaddus University, Johnson and Wales, Baldwin Wallace, Lynchburg, Salus, Wingate Application Submitted and Verified: 10/17/2018 Interview Invites: BW, AB, Lynchburg Withdrew Application: Lynchburg Denied: Johnson and Wales, Salus, Wingate Accepted: AB and BW Attempts: 1 Going to BW!
  2. Just received my acceptance call! So excited!
  3. Just got my acceptance letter! Super excited!
  4. class size is 36. I believe 13 or so spots have been filled!
  5. Got an interview this morning for 12/10, very excited!
  6. I applied on Oct. 17th, should I be worried if I haven't heard back yet?
  7. I applied on Oct. 17th, should I be worried if I haven't heard back yet?
  8. I applied on Oct. 17th, should I be worried if I haven't heard back yet?
  9. Do you mind sharing your stats? My stats are good, but unsure if they are considered great.
  10. Interviewing on Nov 27th! Very excited!
  11. Hi everyone. I was wondering if it would a bad idea to apply to PCOM this late in the game. My application is complete, just have yet to submit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Hello everyone! I was wondering if it would be abad idea to apply this late in the game to PCOM. My application is completely finished, just have yet to hit submit. I will greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you!
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