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  1. I got an email earlier this year saying they would not have an additional supplemental app this cycle which is kinda nice for us! also passed the initial screening! here we go guys
  2. @BrianaBourbonIf I remember correctly MEDEX sends out invites about a month or so in advance before the actual interview date!
  3. definitely reapplying 🥲 but nope haven’t heard anything on my end! from what I think I gathered i’m not sure they send anything to waitlisters
  4. I would wait till maybe another week! if I remember correctly it took a hot second for me to be verified last cycle!!
  5. For the COVID part of everyones essays, are you using all 2500 characters? or keeping it short and sweet? Not sure which route to take!
  6. Yes they do! Excited for you and hoping for the best! Which campus are you applying to?
  7. Hi all! I feel like this might be SUPER early but figured I'd kick things off Nervous and ready to do this thing all over again! I'm Kelli! I was waitlisted to the Kona site last cycle and hoping this is the year! would love to hear from any any MEDEX hopefuls!
  8. HOLY SMOKES!!! Congrats! Hard work that’s paid off! You’re gonna be a PA!
  9. Figured my fellow waitlisters are also biting their nails rn, does anyone have an idea when they tend to start calling waitlisters or if the classes are full? Just searching for any info at this point!
  10. I haven’t heard anything about seats specifically, but from what I know that last interview was maaaaybe for last seats across all campuses? But that’s just what I think I’m not sure! I’m assuming maybe this week/next week? hoping the best for ya though! I know how stressful this is!
  11. Another waitlist candidate here! Haha I’ve also heard nothing and dying a little
  12. Got that waitlist email too congrats to all who got accepted! Seriously so pumped for you all
  13. Has anyone heard anything about the info session?
  14. Oh I would do it to be safe! Think of it as an investment in case the Kona doors do remain open! Congrats on having another acceptance though!
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