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  1. rabothe3

    Student case

    that is fair and something I will definitely remember. thank you for positing this, great exercise.
  2. rabothe3

    Student case

    In regards to labs, I would think run a CBC with ESR and a CMP with CRP, look for immune response, renal function. In regards to outpatient abx, perhaps Bactrim and Keflex for broad coverage until cultures were returned but statistically this is like staph or strep spp. cipro would not be bad choice to cover for gram (-) bugs; however, I would not be surprised if pt failed outpatient therapy and required IV vanc and rocephin.
  3. rabothe3

    Student case

    I would be concerned for osteo, get plain films to begin with. If not apparent on plain films, I would MRI the foot. Just got accepted to a program, so not sure on abx coverage, would be concerned for diabetic nephropathy, so would have to consider renal function.
  4. rabothe3

    Trying to apply for Baylor PA program.

    I have an interview in 01/2019, I got my PCE/HCE from ED scribing. Never had any EMT experience.
  5. Looking at their application process FAQ page, they interview through January
  6. Looks like they interview 180 per their FAQ page
  7. They gave us until 12/10 for a response
  8. Just got invited for interview with group A
  9. sent a request to join the FB group!
  10. it takes the whole block involving 11th,12th, mechanic, and strand
  11. interviewed 11/5, accepted 11/6 via email! class of 2021!
  12. much obliged
  13. noted, thanks for the info! just making sure I was not the only one
  14. Is anybody still waiting on a verdict from UTHSCSA? My app went under review by faculty on 7/17 and I have not heard anything since that email. Congrats to all those that got accepted!

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