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  1. It's my pleasure. PA programs are extremely competitive. So I'm sure everyone understands the struggles. But this forum has been great because it allow us all to connect and to support one another. Keep going, man. You got this!!
  2. I'm sure programs will get back to you as soon as possible. Just be patience with the programs that you applied to for responses. A lot of programs are in a turmoil, where most are still trying to figure out how to best accommodate the fall semester with the whole covid situation. From my past experiences, since you received an interview.. it is possible that schools will likely tell you that you have the statistic to be a competitive applicant and that you should focus on your interview preps. Good luck.
  3. How many finalists does the scholarship provide?
  4. Got accepted to my top choice, so I turned down my acceptance to scu about 3 weeks ago in hope that it goes to another well deserved applicant. Good luck !
  5. Most likely, they usually run their interviews until the first week of March or so. Best of luck!
  6. 2020 cohort or 2021 cohort? Is it safe to say that everyone here is pursing the 2020 application cohort?
  7. Next CASPA cycle opens in 5 days.To reapply or not reapply is the question.. What's the plan for everyone else who's waiting for their post-interview admission status?
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