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  1. I got one too, but do you think there's an error somewhere.. "Inteviews are conducted on Mondays and Tuesdays only; the interview date you've been assigned is 2020-01-22." 1/22 is a Wednesday. Lol
  2. I don't remember exactly, but sometime between late August/early September. How about you?
  3. Most likely, they usually run their interviews until the first week of March or so. Best of luck!
  4. 2020 cohort or 2021 cohort? Is it safe to say that everyone here is pursing the 2020 application cohort?
  5. Next CASPA cycle opens in 5 days.To reapply or not reapply is the question.. What's the plan for everyone else who's waiting for their post-interview admission status?
  6. Interviews concluded. I'm not sure if the class is fully seated, but I been told that they been sending out a wait list.
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