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  1. I just received an email with acceptance this morning! I interviewed on November 8th. Good luck to you all!
  2. CapitalPA

    Mount Union 2018-2019 Cycle

    Honestly, the one thing that I have found that has really helped me get through three interviews is to just be yourself. Be genuine and really try to use examples from your own life when answering a question. You got this! Remember, just be yourself and goodluck! ?
  3. CapitalPA

    Mount Union 2018-2019 Cycle

    I have been accepted! ? Cum GPA 3.806 Science GPA: 3.75 Patient Care Hours: 285+ Shadowing Hours: 125+ GRE Score: 304
  4. CapitalPA

    Mount Union 2018-2019 Cycle

    I interviewed yesterday and got accepted today as well! I am excited to meet you! ? Good luck everyone else!
  5. CapitalPA

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    I interviewed on November 3rd and was told they would early accept 4 people from this interview. Once the second interview has been conducted in December then they are going to notify the rest of the applicants.
  6. CapitalPA

    Mount Union 2018-2019 Cycle

    @auldinr I have an interview that day as well!
  7. CapitalPA

    2018-2019 Cycle

    @Franky @RachelleF I got an interview invitation for Nov. 17th as well! I am in the afternoon session.
  8. CapitalPA

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    I got an invite to interview for November 3rd on October 19th so keep your hopes up! As people are declining it looks like they are sending out more invites.

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