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  1. Hey! If anyone has any questions regarding PA school or their application please don't hesitate to let me know! I applied to 9 schools, got accepted to 1, waitlisted at 4 schools and denied to 4 schools. When I was applying there were not many resources to find other students who were accepted with low GPAs to see what they have done, so I just want to help out as much as possible. This is a very stressful part of an individual's life and having someone to relate to can definitely help out. If anyone feels uncomfortable commenting their questions on here or need a super fast response, feel free to message me on my instagram as well: Naisphan Right now, I'm a volunteer pre-pa mentor for two community colleges in my neighborhood. I don't want to make this a super long post but a quick overview of my statistics: cGPA: 3.1 sGPA: 3.01 Last 60 credit hours: 3.8 PCE: 2600 HCE: 1500 Shadowing Hours: 144 GRE: Did not take There is so so so much more than just the numbers. I really mean that. I have spoken with a whole bunch of PA admissions committee members directly at multiple schools about my application and also what they're looking for in potential applicants. I've also spoken to many students and pre-pa mentors as well to help me throughout the process. With my low GPA, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it into school but with the help of my mentors I was able to craft a great application. Don't be discouraged at all, there are so many things to do to make your application much better!!! It really is a holistic application and as long as you reach the minimums, anything is possible from there. Again, AMA either here or on my instagram page!!!
  2. Did Colleen send out an email when you've been moved from #18 to #16? I didn't get any email update about my status moving up as of right now. All I got was the initial email she sent out and that she'll update us after the last round of accepted applicants enroll or not near mid-end of February. I'm nervous!!
  3. Just got accepted!! Beyond excited. I was on the alternate list and they just called me this morning. For anyone that got accepted already, for the verification of patient care experience, do they want the original hard copy? So like, would I need my manager/supervisor to mail in the original or can they scan it back and email it to me? I emailed Yvonne, but no response yet..
  4. Hi all!!! Just got an email on Tuesday for an interview date on 12/7 in the AM. Anyone also interviewing on this date?
  5. I'll also be at the Nov. 18th PM interview session!!! Just booked my ticket from PDX. Good luck to everyone and can't wait to see everyone there!! ?
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