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  1. 23 hours ago, CSCH said:

    I agree this ProSpectre's point. I looked at and thought about both, but I felt that I wanted my clinical skills to grow first, so I did residency right out of school. Someday I may pursue a doctorate, but I want to feel like I have a real clinical practice established before I choose a doctoral focus.

    Many employers require their PAs to have at least one year of experience before applying (especially surgical specialties). Does a residency count as a year of experience or is it more of an educational experience in their eyes? Thanks! 

  2. 8 hours ago, EMEDPA said:

    quite honestly lateral mobility is going away. it gets harder to change specialties every year. My recommendation for everyone graduating today is get the trifecta: residency/doctorate/CAQ. If you do one of the more generalist residencies like hospitalist or primary care that has applicability to any field in medicine, so your lateral mobility wishes still remain intact.

    This is exactly the type of insight I was looking for! Thank you so much! I found a few internal medicine residencies but they look ultra competitive. How can I maximize my candidacy when the time comes? Grades? LORs? 

  3. Hello All,

    I would like to talk about post masters education and weigh the pros and cons. I was recently accepted into a PA a program but the hungry student in me is already thinking about education after PA school. Personally, I am fascinated with all facets of medicine, and I would like to dabble into as many specialties as possible. That said, I am intrigued with the type of exposure I might gain in a residency, but I appreciate the types of opportunities I might receive with a doctorates. I have a strong desire to teach later on in life (age now 26) and a doctorates might be the best option for that. In my opinion, a residency is great for people that want to work in the same area of medicine for their entire professional career. I also believe a residency is detrimental to the physician assistant profession. If a residency is the desired outcome, then why not apply to medical school and become an MD instead. One of the beauties of the PA profession is the lateral mobility and being able to work in multiple specialties. I appreciate the input from everyone!        

  4. On 10/24/2018 at 3:29 PM, rno said:

    I'm also flying in from Southern California on Wednesday night. Would love to meet up with anyone on Thursday night! Also, where are you guys staying? 

    Awesome! Anyone interested in meeting up Thursday night/day that's scheduled to interview the 2nd send me a direct message! Lets try to coordinate something! I am staying close to the navy yard, about 10 minutes away. I believe the hotel is TownePlace Suites Boston Logan Airport. 

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  5. On 10/13/2018 at 11:43 AM, ashley15 said:

    Hello everyone! I will be interviewing on 11/2 and am very excited. I will be coming from California Bay Area and will be by myself. I am flying in on Wednesday night and am wondering if there is anyone else in the same boat who would want to meet up on Thursday sometime? Let me know!

    I am identical to your situation but flying from New Mexico. I would be open to meeting anyone in this circumstance beforehand also. Additionally, does anyone have any idea how many applicants they are interviewing and how many seats they plan on offering?? Thanks!

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