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  1. Rejected...Congratulations to all that were accepted. And best of luck to anyone also in the same boat!
  2. I’ve been wondering that also! I have not heard anything either. I was hoping to hear back before this.
  3. Oh, that’s a shame. I’ve been afraid of that. Yes, I agree with that. It would only be my assumption that they still have open seats still available.
  4. In the email I received, it did say the 25th was the last interview. I’m sorry!
  5. Hello all! I just received an invite to the 10/25 interview. Submitted very last minute, 9/27.
  6. Hello all! Like others before me, I came quite late to the game here. Verified 8/28 and fee paid 9/5. I emailed the school to see if I would still be considered and they said yes. Guess I deserve my silent treatment ! Best of luck to everyone!
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