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  1. Would you clarify that first line because there is a lot of truth in there, and I know you have experience. I actually recall you saying that in a previous post about the student who failed their boards because of wedding planning, and so it would be an added benefit to have a lot of that planning and stress out of the way prior to starting the didactic year. (Start date is 3 months later and we could hopefully get 80 percent of the planning out of the way). The schools are almost identical (interests, pedagogy, quality, PANCE rates, amenities) and the cost of living is essentially
  2. For anyone interested, simply PM me on this site and I'll send you it
  3. I am deciding between two schools. School 1 : In-state: 120,000 (cost of tuition) School 2: Out-of-state: 90,000 (cost of tuition) I am getting engaged and plan on getting married over the break between the didactic and clinical year, so in-state is preferable for wedding planning. Additionally, I plan on coming back to practice here, so in-state provides greater convenience, but is it worth it for 30,000? I have 3 days to make a decision. Thanks! School 1 starts in June School 2 starts Sept (Added perk because I could do most of the wedding prep before I ev
  4. Accepted off the waitlist! Interviewed like back in September. Is there a Facebook page or GroupMe?
  5. Also does anyone know if we can get onto a healthcare? (Not technically insurance)
  6. SCRIBING with a caveat. All my PCE was as a medical scribe and I got 8 acceptances (including Duke). Like Laura said, the pay is around 12-15, but the experience gained is second to none. The Caveat- Some schools count it as HCE, so if you are planning on applying to specific programs, double check. About 10 out of the 100+ I looked at did not accept it. Below are a few. Mercer, Pitt, Univ ND, Albany Med, Arcadia (don't like), Carrol, FSU, and MEDEX (Seattle)
  7. Yes it's virtual! This was by far the "chillest" interview I attended. Our whole group had their pets doing the group session and we all were super comfortable with each other and with the faculty.
  8. I was blessed to have a very successful cycle and many of my interviewers said my personal statement was the most unique one they had read. PM me and I'll send you a copy! Oremus Pro Invicem (This is soley provided to help you see generate ideas and create your own .)
  9. Got accepted to 8 of the best programs in the country rocking a Burt Reynolds stache. Just posting because I was thinking about shaving and didn't see anything online. Don't do it!
  10. Well this is awkward, I'm deciding between Duke and Midwestern....
  11. I was verified on June 29th. I was pretty late and it was my only regret. Apply as early as you can.
  12. Yes, you need to list every single class w/o exception even if you retook it. Yes it will effect your Caspa GPA. It will not cancel out and the grades will be averaged. They have to appear exactly as they do on your official transcript. You can pay to have your transcripts input by their professional service (this is what I did) but keep in mind two things. 1. They won't start the progress until your are completely don't and submit for verification. 2. Add your expected, planned classes prior to submitting or you have to wait even longer. Feel
  13. Do not wait! I applied to 19 programs with approximately 1500-2000 hours of scribing experience (no other hard PCE) and got 15 interviews. Shoot your shot. You may lose $1000 if you apply and don't get in, but weigh that against a $90,000 year of salary if you could have gotten in but didn't because you waited. I didn't list any certifications.
  14. Declined my acceptance, good luck to everyone who is counting how many open seats there are!
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