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  1. I am from North Carolina. This is my initial application process to PA school so I am very excited and nervous to begin the journey. I took a 2 year gap to gain quality experience and I work as a Team Lead MOA at an ENT office.
  2. I feel as if your transcripts could be verified within that 2 week period. However, to really feel confident, I would call CASPA or the school to see how long it may take for the transcripts to be verified. Goodluck!
  3. @Stapler I'm waiting for the end of the semester as well. @idau85 Nice!! Good luck on this journey! Where are you guys from? And do you mind sharing your background story?
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm excited about beginning this journey towards UC Davis. I noticed a thread hasn't been started yet, so I jumped in and started one to get the applicants talking. Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Lola
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