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  1. Got a rejection letter! Honestly, I'm more so relieved because the silence was nerve wrecking and now I can act accordingly. Good luck to everyone and those who get accepted, do well in PA school!
  2. That was my exact understanding based off previous forums. The only difference I noticed was the year prior to last year, applicants who didn't receive and interview still received invitations to submit the supplemental. However, I assumed that was a glitch in the system. I have decided to give it until the end of the week, but I definitely didn't put all my eggs in one basket and I hope the same goes for others as well.
  3. Hey everyone that is still waiting! So I spoke with a lady yesterday in the admissions department and she told me the same thing.."Applicants will know about their application status early November". I mentioned the emails that people have been receiving and she said she doesn't know anything about that. I also asked her if it was safe to assume that if you did not receive and email that you were not accepted, she said "No that is not the case, that applicant should still expect to hear back by the beginning of November". So I say hang in there.
  4. That's what I'm hoping. I'm trying to keep an open mind. I wish us luck still.
  5. Hey Everyone! Goodluck to all of us! I'm hopefully that we hear back this week. Last year was on a Friday and the year before was on a Tuesday on the last week of September. So fingers crossed. I live on the East coast, so would that be 5 pm California time?
  6. Not yet! I'm so ready. I looked into the forums from last year and the year before, and it seems like invites were sent out during the last week of September. If so, we are almost there!
  7. Hi! I think I understand what you may be asking. If you mean your class grade and lab grade were combined rather than individual grades, I think that should be fine. It still shows 4 credit hours which at most schools means there was a lab or co-requisite attached to the class. My Microbiology grade appeared that way, as one grade instead of a class grade then lab grade. I hope this helps!
  8. Submitted : 05/24 Verified : 05/24 UCD email : 05/28 I've been playing the waiting game for a long time lol!! And UC Davis is my top choice!
  9. I am from North Carolina. This is my initial application process to PA school so I am very excited and nervous to begin the journey. I took a 2 year gap to gain quality experience and I work as a Team Lead MOA at an ENT office.
  10. I feel as if your transcripts could be verified within that 2 week period. However, to really feel confident, I would call CASPA or the school to see how long it may take for the transcripts to be verified. Goodluck!
  11. @Stapler I'm waiting for the end of the semester as well. @idau85 Nice!! Good luck on this journey! Where are you guys from? And do you mind sharing your background story?
  12. Hi Everyone! I'm excited about beginning this journey towards UC Davis. I noticed a thread hasn't been started yet, so I jumped in and started one to get the applicants talking. Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Lola
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