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  1. I received an e-mail this afternoon that Pacific is once again Accreditation-Continuing! It was so great to hear that all of the efforts made by the program to respond to the June review have paid off I have to admit though, I thought my heart was about to pound right out of my chest when the email popped up in my notifications, as my mind wanted to read "Pacific University: Acceptance Update" instead of Accreditation Update Being on Committee Hold has me so eager for any news! Once again, best of luck to everyone interviewing this weekend!!
  2. @Emileenwood congrats on your acceptance! That is so exciting. I'm eagerly waiting in the "committee hold" group, so it's nice to hear of a little movement in the list To everyone interviewing at Pacific this weekend: best of luck to you all! The faculty, students, and staff are all so kind and welcoming...I really can't speak highly enough of this program!
  3. There were two questions that basically boiled down to 1) Why Pacific? and 2) How has your patient care experience prepared you to be a future PA? Hope that helps!
  4. The "course" was simply the online mission survey and campus preference form that it sounds like you've completed already You should be good to go!
  5. I was curious about the program's Christian affiliation as well! I interviewed in early August and had an interesting conversation with one of the faculty members about this. In his words, the essence of this focus is having a heart for service versus belonging to a particular faith. Several students were very open about their Christian faith and the program director prayed to open the day, but my interviewer noted that this didn't necessarily reflect the religious views of each individual of Campbell and that there's a diversity of faith reflected there. I hope that helps! Best of luck to you on the remainder of your interview cycle.
  6. You should receive the interview invite directly to the email that you listed on CASPA, as Pacific will not contact you through CASPA. Regarding clinical rotations, I’m pretty sure that it’s an ARC-PA requirement that schools set up and manage your clinical rotations. Some programs (Pacific included) do allow you to contact a clinical site to see if it’s possible to utilize them as a rotation if you desire, but it’s never a requirement. I hope that’s helpful!
  7. That's funny, the exact same thing happened to me! I will be calling today to try to set up my interview. I'm just relieved I hadn't missed the call entirely.
  8. Similar case here. I completed the course last week, but still have not received the call to schedule since receiving the email with an interview invitation on 8/27.
  9. Those are two separate emails I received the "please allow at least 3 weeks for this review process" email on 7/10, and then the official interview invite on 8/27. The official interview invite email states that you will be called to set up an interview date, and that interviews will run between October and February. Hope that helps! To those who have received the official interview invite email, has anyone been called yet? I'm nervous about somehow missing the call, but I also don't want to contact the program quite yet as I know they are super busy this time of year.
  10. That is awesome! Congratulations, and best of luck on your interview! Heart and soul speak volumes. I’m curious, about how many HCE hours and in what kind of job? Fellow Washington state OHSU hopeful here
  11. @mdjc7594 thank you for calling to clarify! That is very helpful!
  12. Same here! I wonder when we should expect the call...
  13. If you look at your transcript, first determine your last (most recent) 45 credits taken. I then used a GPA calculator online to get this number.
  14. Oops! The right term is "cumulative GPA", not total! My mistake. So it is your GPA calculated from every class you have taken The BCP/last 45 GPA is different from this, if I understood the presentation correctly.
  15. @mdjc7594 You have a lot going for you that makes you a very competitive applicant for many programs! Those stats are something to be proud of. However, from attending Pacific's Information Night, I gathered that GPA is their number one priority, which just means that Pacific might not be the "best fit" for you. Although they have a "hard" deadline of 3.0 total GPA, it sounds like they don't even review applications that have a total GPA under a 3.4...if you meet that minimum I don't think your application will be automatically disregarded without someone laying eyes on it. Regarding BCP and last 45 GPAs, they said that they weigh these equally and that these two numbers should average out to about a 3.6 to be considered a competitive applicant. Last year's averages were 3.67 for BCP and 3.87 for last 45, although they mentioned that these stats are increasing annually. That said, even if your BCP/last 45 GPA isn't the most competitive, you could potentially still make up for it by demonstrating your passion for the career and your other strengths in your personal statement and supplemental application...so as long as you meet that minimum of 3.4 total GPA I wouldn't say that all hope is lost! I hope that is helpful, and best of luck to you this cycle! @LaurenKS I would not say that being a first time applicant would work against you, or even that it is a rite of passage to not get accepted your first cycle. In general, programs are simply looking for competent applicants that fit their program mission and vision. While you can learn a ton from applying and not getting in your first cycle, there are plenty of applicants who are able to get in the first cycle. I have had a couple of interviews this cycle, and I would say that the majority of interviewees in both were first time applicants! I would not worry too much about this...if you are a competent applicant then the number of times you have applied should be irrelevant Regarding your LORs, Pacific will only review two of them. They stated their preference was that both of these be from clinicians or supervisors in the medical field who know you well. This might not be your strongest area, but your GPA is very competitive and is definitely something that Pacific prioritizes! I hope that helps! Best of luck to you, too, this cycle!
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