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  1. asmith6475

    Morehouse PA Program

    I’m actually not on the wait list and haven’t been rejected. So I guess I’m floating in between lol
  2. asmith6475

    Morehouse PA Program

    Hey everyone ! I actually emailed them myself for clarification since some were saying the seats were all filled . Their response was the following : “Thanks for the email and for reaching out to the source for clarification. No we have not finalized our class and will make notifications as stated to all applicants by 1/31/19. “ I know it isn’t much, but there is still hope !!! Keep checking your emails and keep your fingers crossed !!
  3. asmith6475

    Morehouse PA Program

    Hello all ! I just received an email from the PA program stating that they have not finalized the class yet. So there is still hope ! Although they did say to wait for 1/31 for final decisions .
  4. asmith6475

    Morehouse PA Program

    Happy New Year !!! I know everyone is still anxiously awaiting responses so sending uplifting vibes for positive news this cycle !!!!
  5. asmith6475

    Sullivan Applicant Cycle 2018-2019

    I received my acceptance email yesterday !
  6. asmith6475

    Sullivan Applicant Cycle 2018-2019

    She sent out an email on Monday saying we would be notified mid week the week of 12/10, which would be today. I have not received an email yet. She said everyone will be notified either way of their decision.
  7. asmith6475

    Morehouse PA Program

    I see some people have been notified about being on the wait list, and a couple people have been accepted, but I think most are still waiting.
  8. asmith6475

    Morehouse PA Program

    I also interviewed on 11/10/2018 with an amazing group ! You can add me on facebook : Alayna Smith. It was great meeting everyone, and I hope nothing but the best for all future endeavors! # FuturePAs #SecuretheBag

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