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  1. Hello ! What were the materials required for submission aside from the 3 essays? Should I request a copy of my transcript or get letters of recommendation?
  2. Hello! I am a first year PA student ( rotations in 6 months) and I was searching the site, but cannot seem to find an updated or more thorough answer for securing derm jobs as a new grad, so I'll start a new topic for anyone with the same question. Derm is definitely a specialty I want to work in and gain more experience in, but outside of the elective rotation, its hard to find experience as a student, especially as it is already so competive. Thanks in advance for any advice !!! 1) I attend school out of state, so how would I market myself to employers in states where I want to work?
  3. I emailed them today and this was the reply : "Being considered a finalist is not guaranteed. Not receiving an email one way or another does not mean the program has not awarded you it just means the program is still reviewing your application. You will be notified regardless of if you are awarded or not no later than September 30th."
  4. Has anyone heard anything this week so far? I am so anxious !!!
  5. I was told that they have multiple people sending out emails, but did not specify between wait listed students or those that have been waiting without any response. They said that they are working to send out emails today, but some people they may not get to until Monday.
  6. You spoke to her yourself? The receptionist was who I spoke to and she told me she couldn't give me specifics.. hopefully this is correct !
  7. Hey everyone! I called for an update to the PA program and they said that they are working on getting notifications out today, but the absolute latest we would hear back would be Monday.... I know its not ideal and strange that it is taking this long , but remain positive and keep checking your email!
  8. So ... not the 31st as they told us? This suspense is killing me !!!!
  9. Yes . There is a link to the group in the following comments.
  10. I’m actually not on the wait list and haven’t been rejected. So I guess I’m floating in between lol
  11. Hey everyone ! I actually emailed them myself for clarification since some were saying the seats were all filled . Their response was the following : “Thanks for the email and for reaching out to the source for clarification. No we have not finalized our class and will make notifications as stated to all applicants by 1/31/19. “ I know it isn’t much, but there is still hope !!! Keep checking your emails and keep your fingers crossed !!
  12. Hello all ! I just received an email from the PA program stating that they have not finalized the class yet. So there is still hope ! Although they did say to wait for 1/31 for final decisions .
  13. Happy New Year !!! I know everyone is still anxiously awaiting responses so sending uplifting vibes for positive news this cycle !!!!
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