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  1. I am a recent grad from Monmouth and if you're still having trouble finding something I might be able to help!
  2. I am currently on the job search and I definitely think you need got make your resume more concise - 3 pages is too much to go through. I see you're also from Monmouth County (as am I) and I would love to connect and maybe we can talk. Also definitely take the guy who is offering a job up on that offer!!!
  3. Thank you both! Still trying to find something. Asking everyone I know and hoping to find something that I can use to learn a lot!
  4. Hi - I am a new graduate who passed the PANCE June 5th. I am looking for jobs in the NY/NJ area and spend each day looking at the job boards. Are there any other suggestions for where to search out jobs? I am interested in many fields- excluding surgery. I just want to be able to get a job and get some experience so I can become more competitive. With COVID19 hitting this area so hard, I know why it is difficult at this time but would like any advice I can get (as well as any possible leads!). Thank you for your time.
  5. Thank you! That's what I figured.
  6. Hi! I just became board certified last week and am a new grad. I have racked up CME through UpToDate and was wondering if I could use CME I got during PA school for my recertification CME credits even though they were completed before I passed the PANCE. Thank you!
  7. Does anyone have recommendations for online study tools to study for the EOR exams? I am starting clinical rotations this week and trying to get my act together. I've heard great things about smarty PANCE and Rosh review, but Rosh Review is a lot more money, so I'm trying to make an educated decision. Thank you!
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