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  1. I just got the call today. I got in. I wish u the best n the same feelings i have today. Don't give up hope. Your time will come soon.
  2. Hello to all. Has anyone heard anything about the waiting list update? Has anyone called in from the waitlist yet? I appreciate your response.
  3. Depends on the school. You can get the correct answer feom each school thru FAQ. Good luck.
  4. Congrats on your other acceptances. I've been told that they finalize it in may but then again it says by the end of application cycle. Does anyone know when that is? And good luck to the rest of us.
  5. I interviewed on Jan 5th and have not heard anything yet. Still waiting!
  6. Yes. I got it yesterday as well. Good luck to all of us. Did smu reject anyone yesterday?
  7. Yes. I interviewed on Jan 5th and have not heard anything yet. Still waiting! What about other interviewees?
  8. Hello to all. I got an interview for the 19th as well. Thrilled. I assume the invitation is general bc as far as i know the accreditation for fresno campus is not clear yet! I said yes to fresno on my application bc it is closer to me. Anyhow, i can wait to meet u all. Good luck to the rest. There were 2 more dates available. Hang in there.
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