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  1. I have yet to find a comprehensive list anywhere on the interwebs that shows schools offering Osteopathic education for PAs (entry level). In my searching for programs, I've found only one school whose curriculum directly includes (or will include -- pending upcoming review, I suppose) formal instruction in OMM -- Michigan State's College of Osteopathic Medicine. There are other programs that specify that PA students, where possible and reasonable, will do classroom study in conjunction with DO students. That seems like a close second to me, as curriculum will be taught from the Osteopathic perspective at least. I know of RVU, PCOM, Touro, AT Still, and DMU, which seem to have varying/unclear degrees of connection to their DO programs. Anyone know of any other programs that offer curriculum rooted in Osteopathic medicine, especially those that offer some kind of formal course in OMM/OMT? (I'm also open to thoughts on the topic, I'm drawn to Osteopathic, Integrative, and Functional medicine, but I do understand that I can always further my education and instruction on my own time after becoming a PA. FWIW I have also applied to several non-osteopathic programs this cycle so I'm open-minded on this) Cheers~
  2. @Bensell9014 Thank you for your encouragement and for offering these resources for us! It's a relief to hear that there's still hope!
  3. I feel like I'm seeing more and more current college students and recent grads on here, knowing that they want to pursue PA right out of the gate (which is awesome!) I'm curious what the breakdown is of pre-PA folks here who are pursuing a career pivot to PA vs those who are pursuing PA as their first career (or whose PCE/HCE job was chosen specifically to meet PA school requirements)? (I've been a certified athletic trainer for 7 years and have had my sights set on PA for about 4 years -- had to spruce up the ol' GPA prior to applying -- this year is my first application cycle! I've absolutely loved being and ATC, and plan to keep my certification active as a PA, but have reached the point where I really want to be able to do more for my patients. I know, cliche... but true.)
  4. Rejection email (w/o interview) this morning Congratulations to everyone accepted and best of luck to everyone waiting! This thread is so fantastic and positive, I'm really thankful for how supportive this community is!
  5. Same, still trying to hold out hope that I'll be offered the secondary app, tough to stay hopeful though as people are getting interviews and acceptance calls already, but you're not alone! lol And huge congratulations to everyone accepted! Yay!
  6. Thanks! You're completely right, that's what they responded with. Sounds like with the Nov 1 extended deadline I might be able to get by with a non-science course in progress, so I'll sign up for a CC course this fall, and then fingers crossed!
  7. I received an "Application Criteria Not Met" email, stating that I don't meet the English Composition requirements. I took two strong Literature courses that both meet MEDEX's description of a "Competitive English Course", so I'm confused. I appealed, sent course descriptions, but I'm starting to get worried. Anyone else have this or a similar issue?
  8. Good luck!! Sounds like you'd be perfect for their program since it's your alma mater! I'm nervous because I'm not from Nevada, but still crossing my fingers.
  9. Hi Friends! I'm late to the party, but SUPER excited about the program -- Has anyone received interview invites yet? Admissions counselor told me they're doing rolling admissions, and I read in this thread that some folks got their supplemental app done last month! (I just completed mine, so I'm a little bit behind).
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