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  1. I’m a current PA student at LIU. If you haven’t been invited to an interview yet, or are wondering whether or not you should even apply this late, do it. I applied some time in December and was invited for an interview some time in January. And others had interviews after me as well. So don’t get discouraged or take yourself out of the equation. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hey everyone! does anyone have suggestions as to some helpful resources to supplement with what is given to us during didactic year (ex. SMARTYPANCE, Picmonic, etc)? I’m starting PA school soon, and I would like to know what resources I can utilize along with my own notes/powerpoints from class.
  3. I was just offered an interview for April 29th for the Manhattan campus. Can anyone tell me anything about the actual interview process? I would really appreciate it.
  4. Lol, I actually really appreciate that about NY. I feel like you learn more when you are allowed to make your own decisions, and not being steered toward the right one all the time. Thank you so much for your response! One of the factors that I find to be critical is the clinical experience. After all, our clinical experience is what is will be helping us transition into the working world.
  5. I think I can speak for everyone and say that we all really appreciate you for taking the time to give us an insight into the interview process. Thank you so much for really going into detail of how the day played out!
  6. Does anyone know the attrition rate of the school? I have been trying to find the percentage, but have had no luck in finding this information.
  7. How was your experience in the clinical setting? Did you feel as though you had a well rounded experience in terms of your clinical sites/rotations?
  8. As of now yes. I’m gonna put down the deposit as soon as possible. What about you?
  9. Keep a look out for letters in the mail. I got my acceptance letter tonight, and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t lose hope guys! You’ve done everything that you can to get in, and now you just have to allow all of your hard work to pay off.
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