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  1. Honestly I had no idea what type of interview it was and that was probably a good thing. I prepared as if it a typical pa interview one-on-one and looked over and answered and did my research on how to answer questions and to not have memorized answers. Just list some basic situational questions answers you get from a job interview. The most important thing is to have fun and be yourself. The faculty we all met was super nice! Another tip I would like to give out to like everyone is please be pleasant to your competitors during the interview and after it, and talk to each other. It helps the anxiety! I hope this helps ?
  2. GPA : 3.98 Major: Biomedical Sciences HOURS: 2300+ GRE: 300 4.0 i think on writing or 4.5 but besides those I was involved in the community and school, so that was great to talk about!
  3. Just got an interview! Hopefully I hear back from other schools to give up my seat :)
  4. Just received my contingent acceptance email! Can’t even express how it feels right now. I hope you all the best and remember to have fun at this interview!!
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