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  1. Does anyone know when we would find out about an acceptance?! Looking for advice from someone that is familiar with the program.. I got an invite but have already made a deposit at a school where I am from which starts in a few months. I was very interested in SM's program and am excited to receive an interview, but it is more expensive than the school I have made my deposit at and I already found a roommate. Anyone have any insight on if it is worth it for me to buy an expensive flight out to see how I like the interview? My main concern is the probationary status and the higher tuition, but I otherwise wanted to go to SM over the other choice. I wish I had known earlier... feeling so confused now.
  2. I am as well.. I am very interested in this program but if they as this unorganized to not update the email before notifying us I am already a bit concerned
  3. This is so hard to justify.. I agree. I enjoyed the interview but its so hard to imagine paying 3x for the same end goal.. my mentors have all said pick the cheapest option and that it will not be worth the added debt because the school name does not matter, but I would be curious if anyone else can provide insight to justifying the cost !
  4. I wonder how many quarters are counted for tuition.. the website does show 150k for 4 quarters, but other parts of the website says there are 9 total. My guess is maybe the 4 didactic are what count for tuition, and the other 5 are clinical so not calculated in tuition?? if all 9 were counted x 30k per quarter.... would be $270,000 which I feel could not be possible.. just my thoughts though!
  5. Has anyone gotten an answer on this? I haven't heard of any other programs being over 150k but the MSPA tuition tab online isn't very clear....
  6. Ecstatic to be attending the sept 20/21 interview.. would love to meet up with some of you at some point! I probably will not be doing an air b n b as I think I have a friend to to crash with. Cant wait to meet everyone !
  7. according to website we should have heard today or maybe tomorrow... sending good vibes to everyone! the suspense is real
  8. Anyone else who got an interview willing to post their stats? Thanks
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