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  1. Hi does anyone know if interviews are still be conducted? Thanks!
  2. Hi does anyone know how we will be notified if we are accepted or waitlisted? I've heard mixed things of email and mail. Thanks!
  3. Interviewed Dec 4th. Just checked my portal and I am wait-listed. Congrats to everyone who received acceptance!
  4. Hi guys I will be interviewing 12/4! I'm really hoping the program's accreditation ends up being okay! Can't wait to meet whoever will be there and learn more about the program Best of luck to everyone applying and going forward!!
  5. Hi I was just selected for an interview and im not sure how to register for a date! The online portal isn't giving me any options to select an interview date! Please let me know if any of you know how to do it! I called the admissions office but no one has answered yet!
  6. So nervous I got this email yesterday! Applied in Mid July!! Not entirely sure what to make of it! Thank you for your interest in the Rutgers Physician Assistant Program. Your application is under the review of the Admissions Committee, and we have selected you to move on to the next round of screening. This does not require any action on your part. We do not have any further update for you at this time. We have an exceptionally high volume of applications this year and we appreciate your patience through this process. We will contact you again as soon as possible. Sincerely, Admissions Committee
  7. Hi just wondering if anyone knows the average stats for the program!? Thanks!
  8. Hi just wondering if those who received a interview or were accepted would mind sharing your stats? I just received a email saying I am being considered a strong applicant for a interview so am interested in what the program is looking for in stats! Thank so much!
  9. Hi everyone! Congrats on the acceptances! I just submitted my application a few weeks ago. Would anyone who got an interview or accepted mind sharing your stats!? Also how long did it take from the time you were verified to get invited for a interview? Thank you so much. Congrats again!!
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