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  1. I haven't received an interview or a rejection notification yet. I see people here have received rejections who have both interviewed and not interviewed. I guess I should take this as good, right?
  2. If you had to choose between volunteering or getting more PCE/improving your GPA, volunteering is definitely not the priority. That being said, with so many applicants and this profession growing so quickly, I'd say you should get at least 50 hours of volunteering. This is purely my two sense, but I believe having some volunteering is very helpful. Having several hundred or several thousand is not necessary. You are better off picking up extra shifts at a PCE job if possible, something that is far more valuable. Some people get accepted with none. I just got accepted with 120 hours of volunte
  3. Holy cow. I interviewed yesterday and got a call back a few hours later with an acceptance. I still cannot believe it. They have an amazing program btw. I highly encourage people to apply here next year if you did not this cycle.
  4. About 2 weeks ago. I don't have the exact date in front of me.
  5. I got an interview the 6th. Looking forward to it!
  6. I got the same reply. I assume it means they are not giving us an interview at the moment but will consider us again later in the cycle. I feel like its one step below getting an interview, but a step above being straight rejected.
  7. Unless the schools are rolling admission, you won't likely hear from them until after the deadline date. And even with the rolling admission schools, they usually take from a couple to several weeks to get back to you. Some won't get back to you for like 8 months plus which kind of stinks. Patience is a virtue
  8. SonofSig


    When you send them from the ETS website, they show up fairly quickly. Mine showed up after like 3-5 days. It doesn't take that long.
  9. How many science credits have you taken?
  10. I think this is what I wanted to hear. I was hesitant about entering it but I think you are right that it is relevant. How do you suggest going about entering contact information for a job at like target as cashier when new people have taken over? I saw the general manager and my supervisor left and I have no idea who to put down as a contact or phone number or email?
  11. So I worked a few different jobs in food service throughout all 5 years of my undergrad. None of these are health care related obviously, but I want to show the schools I did work during school, and I can tie these experiences into working with people and on a team. The problem is I don't want know if these experiences are necessary. Also, these supervisors will not remember me at all as they were between 5-10 years ago, and some don't even work there anymore. So I have no contact information besides the stores general number. How do I include these, or should I include them at all?
  12. So I have a few question how when you are abbreviation physician assistant in your personal statement. So I know the first time you to write out physician assistant, you are supposed to write the entire thing out. It's safe to say everyone will be saying the words physician assistant more than once their PS, so are you supposed to immediately show the abbreviation in parentheses after you write it out the first time like this: "Physician Assistant (PA)"? Or is there a different, more correct way? Also, when you abbreviate it the second time, do you abbreviate it "PA" or should you put periods
  13. As Patricia5827 said, 5000 is the max. It's pretty easy to say that 2500 characters is definitely not enough, even if you wrote the best personal statement ever. The people reading them will think you are wasting valuable space and will very heavily look down upon that. Use as many characters as you can IMO. It is one of the biggest parts of your application and it needs to be used.
  14. Personally I would never take pass/fail for prerequisites. If they are accepted, there is ambiguity in how well you did in the class as Potatolife eluded to. I doubt many, if any, schools will accept pass fail for prerequisites as that grading scale doesn't show your abilities. Would hard avoid.
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