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  1. Can I ask how many science credits you have taken since you gradauted? You must have a non-science undergrad if your sGPA is a 4.0.
  2. So PA is a second career for me. I have my bachelors from one university and now I am going back to school to take a bunch of prerequisites for PA. Here is my question - can you have too many transcripts? I have taken all my post bacc classes at a community college. I primarily took most of mine from one community college, but have been taking other classes at other colleges that offer them at times that wouldn't work for the primary community college I am attending. So far I have 4 other community colleges that only have 1 class taken at each of them, while my 'primary' community college I have taken around 10 classes at. Currently I am at 6 transcripts and I don't want to go much higher. A follow up question I have is about taking another class this spring. I have the option to take a pathophysiology class online for 3 credits at another community college, which would bump my transcript list up to 7, or I can take it at my 'primary' community college and keep it at 6, but its only a 2 credit class. I feel like the 3 credit class would look better but I don't want more transcripts...I don't care about cost at all, I just don't want it to look bad. What would you recommend for my class? And do I have too many transcripts?

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