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  1. No news yet. I remember during the interview she mentioned that the people accepted have until mid November or about 2 weeks after their acceptance offer to hand in their $1500 deposit, so by then we should start hearing back from waitlist. I can recall from previous post people were getting accepted from waitlist in mid December. We shall be patient ?
  2. They offered four different options of when you want to attend for an interview when I received the invite two weeks ago. Usually, when you have a limited option and received an offer later, someone else must’ve declined their interview offer. That happened to me with another PA program where they only gave me one interview date to attend because someone else declined their interview offer on that day. Also, I only had two days to prepare for that particular last minute interview offer lol. Congrats!
  3. Hi, Did she mention that during the interview or did she emailed you back personally about the top 10 people on the waitlist?
  4. Hi all! I will also be interviewing on Nov. 18th in the PM slot! I can’t wait to meet everyone! I heard a lot of good news about the faculty and the program overall! ?

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