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  1. Received an interview invite for 8/16, but will be giving up my spot to someone else!
  2. Yes, I plan on attending the student day in February. Can't wait to meet everyone!
  3. I interviewed on July 20th and just received my acceptance today! GRE Q-152 V-154 A-4.0 Cumulative GPA 3.55, Science GPA 3.45 Healthcare Experience - 3,492 hours Shadowing Experience - 130 hours Volunteer Hours - 1,117 hours I'm so excited and grateful for the experience at Bethel!
  4. I was just offered an interview on 1/23! I'm shocked to get an email so late in the cycle.
  5. Just got the email today for being put on the waitlist... bummer
  6. At my interview, 10/9, one of the staff told a candidate we should hear back within 4 weeks. However, Lori said we would hear before Thanksgiving most likely.
  7. I'm sorry to hear. I know they have had many more applicants this year. I'm just curious, did you have an interview?
  8. Yeah, I believe so. Looks like they have let everyone know thru email in the past.
  9. Interviewed 10/9. Has anyone heard back yet?
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