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  1. I know someone who got pulled from the waitlist just three weeks before school started was initially #23.
  2. Just received my acceptance as well! I interviewed back in August lol
  3. Thank you! They received my secondary on Tuesday (two days ago). I submitted CASPA late June/early July.
  4. Holy cow I got an interview for next week! So excited as this will be my first time in the city!!
  5. I havent receive anything yet! Hahah i think they forgot about me again (they forgot to print me a name tag and assign me to a group on interview day )
  6. Hey! The secondary app that I received last week says the start date is 2/25/19!
  7. Congrats! Same! I didnt think I did well at all in the group interview, but I guess you just never know what the admissions committee is looking for. I thought I gave awesome answers at another school interview but ended up being waitlisted. The application process is stressful and at times it can make you feel like you are not good enough. But never doubt yourself!! Good luck everyone! Ya’ll will be awesome PAs in the future!
  8. @RMD1600 I think you guys should be fine! I also had a 7pm flight when I interviewed and I had plenty of time to get there. Also had enough time to grab a snack before boarding!
  9. Just gave up my 12/6 interview spot. For anyone wondering, I submitted the secondary in early July and got the invitation two weeks later. Good luck to those waiting to hear back and congrats to those accepted! ?
  10. They started pulling from the waitlist. I got my acceptance call this week! Interviewed in late August.
  11. @carlzbarkley @NicoleJo I got my waitlist notification today. I think we were in the same interview group and sat on the same side of the conference table. You both gave great answers and will make wonderful PAs no matter which program you end up attending. Good luck on the rest of the application cycle!
  12. Thanks! I submitted on 9/12 and got the app complete email on 9/17. Good luck!
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