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  1. I'm from out of town, but I've heard that Engine House 9 is a fun bar/restaurant.
  2. Dani27

    2018 Application Cycle

    Congrats everyone on the interviews! It would be nice to meet up the night before and have some friendly faces the morning of the interview. It may help to take the edge off a little. Why don't we meet at Red Iguana 2 (there are two locations and in my experience this one seems to be easier to get into) around 1900 on Wednesday night? If anyone knows of a better platform to organize this meet up on that would be awesome. As soon as we have a head count I wouldn't mind making reservations for us all. I'm excited to meet you all!
  3. Dani27

    2018 Application Cycle

    It's a beautiful time of year to hang out in Utah and enjoy, biking, hiking, climbing, etc! It's cold, but beautiful.
  4. I set up another "topic" specifically for the 12/8 interview conference. Thought it may be easier to organize something there. We could plan, share info, etc.
  5. Thought it would be helpful to start another thread in order to organize a meet up the night before.
  6. Congrats! Are you interviewing on 12/8? If so, I would love to meet up the evening of the 7th for dinner. It'll be nice to know some friendly faces when we walk in on Saturday morning. What is a "combined interview conference" exactly?
  7. Thank you! I had everything submitted by end of August. I was a little late to the game.
  8. I received an invitation to interview at the Tacoma campus this morning. Hope you hear soon!
  9. Dani27

    2018 Application Cycle

    I'm also interviewing on the 29th and would love to meet up!

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