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  1. The drive is pretty brutal at that time of day. I would allow yourself just under 2 hours from Seattle, just to be safe. It probably will take less, but I have been in traffic at that time and it took an hour and 50 minutes! Looking forward to meeting everyone there!
  2. Thanks for that information. I am sure it will be very hard for them, as everyone is probably more than qualified! I am sure everyone did great. Thank you for the offer! But yes, I was born and raised! Looking forward to meeting you all at some point!
  3. How did the interview session go this past weekend? Let us know when you get the good news! Such an exciting time. I am interviewing in Tacoma during the combined interview session on the 8th of December for a spot in the Anchorage class. There are only a few of us who are interviewing for a seat up in Anchorage, according to this forum. How many people were there at the interview this Saturday? They share they have 20-25 seats for each Anchorage class. Good luck to you all!
  4. Sounds great! I just called to see if we could make reservations at Engine House 9, and they don't take reservations. Typically it's first come first serve, but she said if I call a few hours before we plan to meet on the 7th that they can usually set a table aside. That being said, I am happy to call them that afternoon so they know a group of people are coming around 6pm! I am estimating there may be around 10 of us? If more people say they are coming on here I can adjust that number. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  5. Thanks for starting this! Engine House No. 9 sounds good to me. I know there are pizza places too (Farrelli's or The Rock Wood Fired Pizza). I am good with whatever! What time works for everyone? I am happy to make reservations... just need an estimated time. Thoughts? Excited to meet you all!
  6. That's awesome! Congrats to you too! Anyone know of a good place to meet Friday, the 7th in Tacoma? I know there is Indochine or Rock Wood Fire Pizza down by the UW campus there...
  7. Got an interview invite this morning in Tacoma for a "Combined Interview Conference" for a seat in Anchorage, too! Submitted CASPA application and supplemental end of July. Reviewed by MEDEX beginning of September due to sending in grades in late August because of retaking a few prereqs for a refresher. It would be great to set up a meet up in Tacoma the evening before... anyone else interested?
  8. Good luck to everyone at their upcoming interviews!
  9. Thanks for starting this. I haven't heard anything yet, and Anchorage was my first choice! Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to some news.
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