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  1. Here is the link to FB group for Fresno campus: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1934011640054912/?multi_permalinks=1934011646721578&notif_id=1551733160121886&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic
  2. Congratulations!!! I haven't been able to because I don't know the emails or FB of anyone who got in but let me know what your email address or FB is and we can get a group going
  3. true...doesn't hurt to create one so we can have means of communication for those who will be attending Fresno campus. I was trying to create a group but I don't know who has been accepted other than through the username here so those who have been accepted to Fresno campus, let me know your email and we can get a group going
  4. Should we join the already existing FB group or create a new one for Fresno campus?
  5. OMG I missed a call from area code 510 number this morning and called back just now to find out that it was Dr. De Rosa...and I'm accepted to Fresno campus!!!!
  6. Ahh I see, thank you for the information! Congratulations again!!
  7. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted!!! Has anyone heard back regarding Fresno campus?? It seems like everyone who got accepted so far were admitted to Oakland campus. For those who got accepted, were any of you offered to choose between Fresno and Oakland campus?
  8. I was told that they're not going to start calling people until March
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