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  1. That’s what I heard as well! Maybe they only did a few because they seriously called so late
  2. Yeah that are definitely not rolling. I applied there last year and that’s how the process went
  3. For anyone who didn’t know they usually send out invites in December and interview in January..
  4. It’s honestly the chillest interview I’ve ever had! Don’t stress:) they feed you good too lol
  5. I know who you are now!! Lol I sent you an invite on Facebook btw!!
  6. I’m wondering about the people who interviewed 8-2 i have been checking my mail and email like crazy and I just wanna know lol
  7. Hey! I interviewed on the 8th as well and I'm super anxious. Every time I see an email notification I get super nervous! I'm just following on here to see if anyone from our interview date has received any information
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